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Larson precisely describes the unit progression ratio in the five statements below:

1) "We define motion as the relation between two uniformly progressing reciprocal quantities, space and time."
2) "Motion, as defined, is measured in terms of speed, the scalar magnitude of the relation between space and time."
3) "By reason of the postulated reciprocal relation between space and time, each individual unit of motion is a relation between one unit of space and one unit of time, a motion at unit speed."
4) "We define the primary motions as those which can exist independently of the existence of motions of other types."
5) "According to our definition, motion involves a uniform progression of both space and time. We define a point, or segment, on the line of the space progression at a given time as a physical location in space."

August 27, 2006 | Registered CommenterDoug