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The LRC concept of the unit progression ratio is nearly the same as Larson's, except for statement number four, and the second sentence of statement number five. We take exception to the definition of primary motion, as a subset of scalar motion, and we contend that the concept of "a point, or segment, on the line of the space progression," is erroneous, because a progression of scalars does not constitute a "line," but only a series of quantities, each value representing a quantity that is either greater or less than any other quantity in the series.

To define a physical location in space, at a given time, as the series progresses, requires a point of reference to some other value in the series. For instance, space location x in the progression has no meaning except when related to location x+n, or x-n; that is, a physical location in the progression is indeterminate, until a second location in the progression is identified.
August 27, 2006 | Registered CommenterDoug