The Fundamentals of Scalar Science


This is the second area of the general category of courses, forming the LRC’s core curriculum. It currently consists of three courses, which are designed to give students the ability to understand and to apply the principles of scalar physics in the practice of scalar science. For the syllabus of each course, please click on the appropriate link below:

1) Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Math, Geometry and Physics
2) Fundamental Principles of Reciprocity and Symmetry
3) The Reciprocal Systems of Scalar Science

These courses are designed to teach students how to use scalar physics to develop physical theory, using the Reciprocal System of Physical Theory (RST) and the Reciprocal System of Mathematics (RSM).  The two previous courses are prequisite courses that must be successfully completed, before students can enroll in the third course.

For students seeking an LRC Certificate of Graduation (CG), the courses in the first area of this category, The Modern Crisis in Theoretical Physics, must also be completed.