01/Sept/06 -  LRC organized and incorporated in the state of Utah

17/Jan/07 - LRC Seminar held in SLC, Utah.  A slide show, the third in a series on the LRC science program, was presented by Douglas Bundy, LRC President.  The meeting was webcast in the LRC virtual conference room, and the audio was recorded, available as a wma file.

28/Feb/07 - LRC Seminar held in American Fork, Utah. The presentation, entitled “LRC’s Inductive Science” was recorded and is available as two, downloadable, files. The first file is the host htm file, the second is the audio file.  Download both files to a local directory on your machine and then run the host htm file in Internet Explorer (it won’t work in Mozilla Firefox).  

28/Sep/07 - LRC Seminar held in SLC. No recording was made of the meeting presentation, entitled “Back to the Future.”

15/Dec/07 - LRC Seminar. Seasons Greetings Everyone. We wish all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. After the holidays are over, we will start the new year off with an LRC seminar, where we will review the 2007 progress we’ve made toward our goal of calculating the atomic spectra, using our RST-based theory. We will also discuss the prospects for what 2008 might bring in the way of reciprocal gifts!
We’ve certainly got a lot to be thankful for this year. Our website is well on its way, we received our official tax exempt status from the IRS, and we’ve got a good start on writing the upcoming book, New Foundations for Theoretical Physics. Along the way, we discovered that the great mathematical genius, Rowan W. Hamilton, actually pioneered the mathematical basis of this work, which gives us a tremendous boost, and a super incentive for mathematicians to dig in.

LRC Seminar location, date, and time:
Location: 1680 East Atkin Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Time: 6:00pm MST

Of course, we will make arrangements to webcast the event live, preferably via the ISUS Virtual Conference Room. The details of this will be sent out later.
The fact is that so much progress has been made in developing the mathematics of the RST that we’ve decided to make it the focus of the seminar. The theme we have selected is “The Principle of Reciprocity in Mathematics.”
Mathematicians prefer to use the term “duality,” as opposed to “reciprocity,” in defining the properties of numbers, but we have deliberately selected the word “reciprocity” for obvious reasons. It should make for a lively and interesting discussion.
Hope to “see” you all there

25/Dec/07 It is with much sadness that we note the passing of a great supporter and friend of the LRC. Mr. Jesse Grier, originating from Pittsburgh, but residing in Kentucky for the last several years, passed away Christmas day, surrounded by his family and loved ones. We express our deepest sympathy for all of them. We will miss him sorely.

25/Jan/08 The LRC Seminar, scheduled for January 15th, was first postponed and then cancelled altogether, due to a mix of illness, weather, and scheduling difficulties. We’ll try again next month. Details to be announced.

15/Feb/08  An LRC public lecture series was announced today. To be held in the Davis County Library, North Branch, Clearfield, UT, the series is entitled, “On the Coming Revolution in Fundamental Physics” It is based on Nobel laureate David Gross’s widely known presentation and will be presented the first Tuesday of each month, beginning March 4, 2008, from 7 to 8pm.

04/Mar/08 The first presentation in the LRC Lecture Series, “On the Coming Revolution in Fundamental Physics,” was held today, at the Davis County Library, North Branch, in Clearfield, UT. It is entitled, “What is String Theory?” and is available for viewing online at the LRC Lectures page. The next lecture in the series is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1st, and is entitled, “What is Supersymmetry?

10/Dec/12 The LRC announced today that Larry Strong has joined the organization. Larry is a retired U.S. civil service employee with many years experience as a mathematician, working with the ballistic missile program of the U. S. Air Force. He brings to the LRC a unique set of skills and expertise in the practical application of mathematics to the challenges of the New Physics, currently under development at the LRC.