LRC Scientific Outreach Activities

In order to advance and diffuse the knowledge of scalar physics developed at the center, the LRC Scientific Outreach Committee organizes and conducts both regularly scheduled and special conferences, seminars, and colloquia and invites speakers from the academic and LRC communities to participate.

Invited speakers prepare presentations on published papers, research results, project status and progress, etc, and entertain questions and comments at the end of their formal presentations.  Panel discussions are sometime formed as well.  Informal discussions are held in social events such as special dinners, “Colloquium Coffee,” etc. All LRC events are held at the LRC, streamed live over the Internet, and recorded for on demand viewing and Podcast downloads, from the LRC website.

The scientific outreach activities are organized according to the four LRC research disciplines:

1) Microcosmic Research Science
    Includes: Particle Physics, Atomic Physics, and Nuclear Physics

2) Mesocosmic Research Science
    Includes: Condensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics, and Plasma Physics

3) Macrocosmic Research Science
    Includes: Astrophysics, Geophysics, and Cosmology

4) Mathematics Science
     Includes: Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, and Geometry