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Hi Doug, I love this quote:
"... Instead, they make movies for the masses, playing with computer graphics, like children in a high tech science museum, who don’t understand the science, but are fascinated by the displays and models that can be played with anyway."

I used to watch this stuff a lot, always came away feeling unfulfilled and still questioning. Now I know precisely why.

I find myself becoming gradually more obsessed with the task of raising awareness of Larson's RST... Give the masses some real food for thought. You can't force them to drink, but HOW do you put the water in front of as many as possible?

The old saw "Thinking Out Of The Box" is owned by Larson. He did it LITERALLY, by taking matter out of the SpaceTime box and then demolishing it.

November 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJeffrey E T

Hi Jeff and welcome to the discussion.

I used to have the same hunger to share Larson's work with the LST community. I spent many hours arguing with Wikipedia authors over why it was important to recognize the profound change in thinking that he introduced.

However, I finally accepted the fact that I was, in effect, asking them to use their expertise to evaluate Larson's work and assuage my own doubts about it, rather than working to justify my enthusiasm for it myself.

The great thing about Larson's work is that it is a new system of physical theory, not just another theory in the LST, but accepting that proposition entails a complete paradigm shift that is extremely difficult for professionals to undertake. Larson himself wrote about this several times, see here for example.

Only independent investigators can afford to indulge themselves in such a revolutionary enterprise, and there are just way too few of them available to talk to.

I blogged about this once, about four and a half years ago, when I ran across the thoughts of Chris Isham and Andreas Doring, of the Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine no less, who were searching for a "new system." (See here.)

But that was before I discovered the magic of Larson's Cube and the amazing mathematical insights it provides us on the whole continuum vs. discrete dilemma. I am now in the throes of the struggle to understand its important implications and hope to have something to publish on it soon.

November 12, 2011 | Registered CommenterDoug