History of the Larson Research Center (LRC)


The organization of the LRC, as a legal Utah corporation, was accomplished in September of 2006. It was founded by Douglas L. Bundy, past President of the International Society of Unified Science (ISUS), and former Director of that organization’s research activities, under the same name.  The motivation for legally establishing the LRC, as a separate research activity that stands independent of the ISUS organization, and its promotional activity of Larson’s works, is two fold:

  1. To ensure that the RST research is conducted, the results published, and the principles taught, according to sound scientific norms and objectives that are not subject to the political influence of special interest groups, pursuing a hidden agenda.
  2. To ensure the preservation and integrity of Mr. Larson’s major contribution to science, the Reciprocal System of Physical Theory (RST), especially in light of claims that it is deficient and in need of modification.

As organizations are free to pursue their own activities, according to their own desires, goals, and objectives, the only way to judge the merit of their chosen course is by their fruits.  In the case of scientific research, such judgment is a matter of the subjective and collective consideration of scientists, not politicians.  The judgment of scientists is usually, though not always, a matter of practicality:  If a new and proposed scientific idea, concept, or explanation helps scientists in their investigation of the structure of the physical universe, it is eventually adopted by them.  However, if it does not help,  it is mostly ignored, regardless of what some may try to claim in behalf of the ideas by fiat.

Thus, if Larson’s ideas, upon which the LRC activities are based, prove to be useful and productive in advancing the cause of science some day, this alone will be enough to establish its bona fides as a legitimate scientific organization. Consequently, in conducting its research, seminars, and educational activities, the LRC is, in effect, placing its wares in the marketplace of ideas, where their merit will be determined by the consumers of these ideas, including the members of ISUS.

This is as it should be, and serves as a model for others who are seeking to develop the theoretical consequences of the RST.  However, the role and purpose of ISUS, the Society, should be confined to that of an advocate for the RST, in general, and not for a particular line of thought and investigation regarding the development of physical theory based on it, so that all those who might disagree in the particulars of theoretical development can still work together for the advancement of the new system in general, without their particular disagreements bringing unnecessary disharmony and contention into the activities of the Society.

The LRC Organizational Chart


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